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boutique style hotel

With a history dating back to 1843, the Hotel Hirschen in Dornbirn Haselstauden is now run by the fourth generation of the same family. The family’s continued dedication has made the Hirschen what it is today, a stylish little gem of a hotel with a personality all its own: we call it boutique style. This unique blend of the traditional and the modern lend it a very special ambience and a sense of spaciousness which we would love to share with you. The artworks to be found throughout the entire house will surprise and delight you.

Hotel for Art Lovers


Style & safe


A Hirsch gift voucher gives access to countless opportunities and special offers. Choose from various different categories, including Hotel with Specials, hirschIV timeless dining 'around the clock', Skyrelax, DaySpa and Massage. The possibilities are numerous, from overnight stays to our Fine Dining menus and Hot Stone, to a voucher for our boutique style breakfast. Also new is a Day Relax gift voucher for our state-of-the-art wellness complex with panoramic views. The choice is yours.

Gift vouchers



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