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Purchase of the Hirschen inn by the family’s grandparents, Maria and Anton Fink, innkeepers from Lingenau in the Vorderbregenzerwald. Opposite was the newly renovated Roman Catholic pilgrimage church “Maria Heimsuchung"; built in 1792/93 this is the oldest church in Dornbirn and now a listed building. For many local worthies in those days, a visit to one of the neighbouring taverns was an integral part of going to church!

1967 - 1999

The inn is taken over by daughter Reinelde Nussbaumer, nee Fink, together with her husband Heinz Nussbaumer, master painter and builder. Showing real vision and pioneering spirit, our parents undertook extensive development work, carried out four stages, to turn the inn into a modern 3-star hotel.

  • 1967: Renovation of the facade with artistic stucco work by the Vorarlberge sculpto Herbert Schedler.  Upgrading of the first rooms with running water in the present main building.  
  • 1970: Construction of 20 guest rooms with shower and WC. At that time this was a real touristic innovation for Dornbirn.  1973: Conversion of the dining room and kitchen into a renowned gourmet restaurant.
  • 1975: Construction of a new guest house with a further 30 rooms

The growing reputation of the “Hirschen” as the place to meet extends further and further afield.


The hotel is handed over to daughter Charlotte Maria Hirt, nee Nussbaumer who, together with her husband Erwin Hirt, has been responsible for its successful running up until the present day. Overseen by Erwin Hirt, the restaurant food has become internationally renowned for its locally sourced produce and culinary originality. Continual refurbishment and development has culminated in a comfortable 4-star family-run city hotel and restaurant.


The hotel reinvents itself as Hirschen Dornbirn, "the boutique style hotel“. A superior ambience, quality materials, a congenial atmosphere and a friendly enthusiastic team of staff help to make the hotel one of the most popular destinations in town.


Another storey is added to the neighbouring guest house. On the third floor of this building the “Rooftop” houses the SkyRelax complex, with panorama lounge and sun deck, as well as a fitness studio with workouts in the main building. Opening is planned for the beginning of 2020. Daughter Jana-Maria Hirt, who with girl-power and passion represents the fourth generation of the family, is already working enthusiastically to introduce and establish her own new ideas. A great challenge for the future – work in progress and history in the making!